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Moody visits a few friends!

Moody was busy visiting new friends who had a chance to play with them and learn more about how they can help when emotions get too BIG!  Judith, James, Gabe and James enjoyed mixing up Moody's parts to see where they could stick! They read from the Meet Moody coloring book and had fun coloring the pages. They were all so excited to see Moody again, after his upgrade at the manufacturer, where he will get new "stickier" velcro that withstands the BIG emotions that need his help.

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Coloring Books and Backpacks are on ORDER!

Excited to report the coloring books and drawstring backpacks are ordered - I'm so excited to see them in my hand. The backpacks are pretty cool - has a pocket in the front for whatever you need to carry with you! The pic is of the mock up - it will actually be a green bag instead of blue. I will be setting up a giveaway with these items with e-mail sign up for updates about Moody including the Kickstarter campaign. 

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