Let's Talk About FEAR

Let's Talk About SHAME

Moody Talk #1 FEAR: Words to describe Fear

What are the words you think of when you feel the emotion of FEAR? Here's a great way to build a scale of Fear words that will help you to better understand how intense your feelings are.


Fear wordsFear Words Scale

Fear Words Blank SheetFear Words Scale Blank


Moody Talk #2 FEAR: Checking the Facts 

This week's Moody Talk is all about what we fear, how our body feels when we are afraid and using a DBT coping skill called Check the Facts. Checking the Facts is a great way to figure out if there is a true reason to feel an uncomfortable emotion and if it fits the situation.




Moody Talk #3 Fear: Opposite Action

This week's Moody Talk is all about the coping skill Opposite Action - a pretty tough one to work through. This skill has you face the Fear emotion head on with mastery of doing the action over and over until it feels less stressful.

We talked about Checking the Facts which is important for going into Opposite Action because you need to identify the true emotion before working on doing the opposite for that feeling. So if you haven't watched Checking the Facts, definitely go back to that Moody Talk to get more of an understanding of the first step here.


Opposite Action 1  Opposite Action 2 

Moody Talk #4 Fear: Problem Solving

This week's Moody Talk focuses on another coping skill that takes practice so that it can be used during a problem situation in the moment. Problem Solving is a skill that requires you understand your situation and taking control of your mind and body reactions and stay in what is called "Wise Mind" which is between your Emotion Mind and when you are feeling disassociated.

Problem Solving gives you a chance to come up with multiple solutions and choosing which you think is right for helping you to feel safe. Having multiple solutions gives you the ability to use another if the first doesn't quite work for you. Check out this talk for more help with learning how to practice problem solving! 


Problem Solving Worksheet 1 Problem Solving Worksheet 2