About Us

Hello! I’m Jen and I’m a single mom of two awesome teenage sons 👩‍👦‍👦 I also live with Complex PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder from childhood trauma. I say I LIVE with these diagnoses because I refuse to suffer with them.

Moody has been a three year journey for me - I’ve met so many amazing people along the way! Moody is like a Love Story to my Healing ❤️‍🩹 - they have helped me to focus and see a future when my symptoms rear their ugly head. They have brought me joy when seeing how Moody has helped families to cope with BIG FEELINGS.

One of my most important missions for Moody is to get them to First Responders and Social Workers who help children in traumatic events such as house fires, having to transition to foster care and even witnessing a drug overdose in their home. These children barely get a chance to understand what is happening and I want Moody to be there to help them through their own difficult journey. As a survivor, it is critically important to me that these children are met with care and support 💚

I hope that you will continue on this journey with me and Moody. We have so much love to spread to this world and we’d love for you to be a part of it 🌍

Learn More about me in this Introduction video!

Here's some Feedback we've received from Families who have adopted a Moody into their homes!

  • Families have been taking Moody with them for car rides - specifically to and from school!
  • Kids are using Moody as a sounding board! One of my hopes was that Moody would really be that BUDDY to help children with all kinds of situations. Here’s a favorite:  “My little was informing Moody about his classmates and who could use Moody to help them through out their day 😀”
  • Some families are realizing that the kiddos they assumed were going to be the main “caretakers" for moody were pleasantly surprised when other siblings were also using Moody for soothing when upset.
  • Moody has helped in social situations! One mom said, “We were preparing to have some of his friends over to celebrate the new school year and he was feeling anxious about their arrival. Turns out Moody gives great hugs and is super supportive when things can make us nervous!”