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Moody visits a few friends!

Moody was busy visiting new friends who had a chance to play with them and learn more about how they can help when emotions get too BIG!  Judith, James, Gabe and James enjoyed mixing up Moody's parts to see where they could stick! They read from the Meet Moody coloring book and had fun coloring the pages. They were all so excited to see Moody again, after his upgrade at the manufacturer, where he will get new "stickier" velcro that withstands the BIG emotions that need his help.

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Guess who arrived? The Moody Prototype is here!

Look who’s here!!! I made a wish that he would come soon and it showed up 10 minutes later  This is the first time I’m seeing the prototype in person - and I’m so happy with the look and feel. His size is perfect, his fabric is so cuddly and I’m in love with how they perfectly recreated his face from my original (and terribly stitched ) doll Full disclosure - I’m not satisfied with the Velcro - it’s not “sticky” enough. I shook him pretty lightly and his limbs started falling off  but that’s why it’s a prototype! I get to test him for wear and tear before he goes out to all the wonderful families who need him. So I’m asking...

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Moody Prototype 3.0 is here!

I just received these photos of Moody Prototype 3 I think it’s ready for them to send to me (what do you think?) Once I get the prototype in hand, the fun really starts! Photos/videos/tiktoks galore! I’ve ordered the Coloring Books and Backpacks and will get those in the next few weeks - I plan on having a giveaway for those who sign up for email updates. So please sign up for updates - I’ll be hopefully running my Kickstarter so I can order them for all the wonderful families they belong with!

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