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Sensory Play with Moody!

My Moody Monster is a buddy to help kiddos cope with frustration and BIG feelings. Moody is made with soft velvety fabric for a cuddly sensory experience. We searched for the stickiest Velcro we could find to keep Moody fresh for the ripping after long periods of use! The Velcro tear is long and loud and with 5 different pull points, there is plenty of sensory sounds and feels. The stitching on the face, hands and feet feels slightly rough while compressing the fabric surrounding it.

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Moody’s Scented Clay Trick for Emotion Regulation

The scented model clay trick is SOOOOOOOOO satisfying and gives your brain an escape from any difficult emotions or situations you are having. It’s really great for kids, too! They get to choose the color of the clay, they can RIP the package open and choose an essential oil to scent the clay. When they feel in control, they can regulate easier.

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