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Moody Story Time: The Boy with Big, Big Feelings by Britney Winn Lee

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings thinks he is all alone in feeling big emotions that can overwhelm him. But we all know he's not alone - we've all felt like our emotions are too big for us to handle. Watch as he realizes that a lot of people around him can feel like their emotions are out of control, too.

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Moody Story Time: The Emotions Book by Liz Fletcher

Today's Story is all about emotions that can make you feel low - like Anger or Sadness. Louie the Elephant is feeling a few new feelings that he will learn how to cope with. Whether it's his sister hiding his shoe or his drawing not coming out the way he wants it to, Louie begins to understand more about these emotions.

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Moody Story Time: My Best Ghoulfriend by Em Varosky and Amanda Grafe

It's a BONUS Halloween Story time because I LOVE this spooky story from my good friend Em Varosky and her friend Amanda Grafe - My Best Ghoulfriend 🧟‍♀️ This story is just spooky enough for the little ones and you can get your very own at 🦇

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