Moody Story Time: The Big Feelings Book for Children by Sharon Selby MA

Today’s book for Moody Story Time is “The Big Feelings Book for Children” by Sharon Selby, MA which discusses Mindfulness exercises to use while going through tough emotions.

We’re focusing on Anger, Excitement, Anxiety and Sadness, Moody and I are also doing the exercises so make sure to try them out with us!

Note: I’ve received comments on one of my books not being suitable for all audiences including children with ADHD and autism. Because not all books are for all children, these coping skills may not work for every child. I’m speaking specifically on managing moments of Excitement which can be very hard for children with these diagnoses, as well as for other kids. Reading this book is not meant to say that ALL children can handle their emotions the same way because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

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The Big Feelings Book for Children