Guess who arrived? The Moody Prototype is here!

Look who’s here!!! I made a wish that he would come soon and it showed up 10 minutes later 🥳

This is the first time I’m seeing the prototype in person - and I’m so happy with the look and feel. His size is perfect, his fabric is so cuddly and I’m in love with how they perfectly recreated his face from my original (and terribly stitched 🧵) doll 🥰

Full disclosure - I’m not satisfied with the Velcro - it’s not “sticky” enough. I shook him pretty lightly and his limbs started falling off 😣 but that’s why it’s a prototype! I get to test him for wear and tear before he goes out to all the wonderful families who need him. So I’m asking for a heavier velcro and can’t wait to test him again 🎉

Now the fun really begins!

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