May is Mental Health Awareness Month

As we roll into the month, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about how ALL emotions are valid and why we need to teach our children (as well as ourselves) why they are an important part of our mental wellness.
17% of youth aged 6–17 experience a mental health condition. This could range from such diagnoses as social anxiety to Personality Disorders.
As a child, I lived in a very abusive environment. I lived in fear of my father who enjoyed making his children feel small and defenseless. I couldn’t show my anger or sadness because it was a welcome mat for him to turn up the volume. I became the butt of jokes both inside and outside the home because I was overweight and “weird.” I isolated from the world with music as my companion and hoped I could make it through the day without physical and emotional pain.
Only when my father was made to leave our home and ultimately sent to jail was I able to see myself as something other than a target. I received help through therapy and through the kindness of the friends I met in high school. The healing began - but for many children, they don’t get that chance. They continue to live with their tormentor until they leave when they are old enough or run away.
I created Moody because of the lingering effects of my abuse. I live with CPTSD and Major Depressive Disorder which causes a long list of symptoms that can come and go throughout my life. Through therapy - both individual and group - and medication, I am learning how to better cope. Yes, I am 46-years-old and I am STILL healing. It’s a long road that must be chosen or it will not work. And doing the work is a very big step towards peace.
This month I will be highlighting EMOTIONS. The ones we think we aren’t supposed to feel or show. The ones that are considered “negative.” Because it’s important to understand WHY we have them and HOW they help and protect us.
The 4 emotions are - ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, and SHAME. I hope you will join me in the discussions throughout this month with your own idea of these emotions and how you best cope with them.

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