Second round of the prototype

So many things to talk about! Moody is currently in prototype at the manufacturer and soon I will receive the physical doll!

Moody Prototype 2.0

While I'm waiting I have been working on all things Moody including his own personal drawstring backpack for travel and when someone just isn't ready put him back together again. I am working with an incredible illustrator, EmVaro Designs, on an introductory coloring book that discusses all the big feelings and how it can be hard when they are all bunched up inside. Stickers too!

I'm looking into crowdfunding for the manufacturing cost when Moody is ready to join the world. At this time I am researching which is best for me and Moody. I promise to keep all the fun details coming in the Blog and on Facebook. I will need to do some testing with kids and families so if you are interested in trying the prototype out, please let me know.

I'm so excited to be where I am and for the future. Thank you for taking an interest in the project :)

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