Sadness is the Emotion of the Week


Sadness is an emotion that many consider “negative.” But, as with all the emotions, sadness is very valid and necessary for our emotional wellness.

Feeling sad is never someone WANTS to feel - but sadness signals that we have lost someone or something we truly care about. We also feel sadness if something hasn’t gone the way we wanted it to - like the cancellation of a trip or getting a job you really wanted. 🥺

I think we have all felt some pretty deep sadness in the past year because of the pandemic. You may have gotten sick and don’t feel 100% better - and now you are sad because it’s harder to do some things you used to have an easy time with. Or you may have lost a loved one to COVID. There are so many reasons for the entire world to have COLLECTIVE sadness from witnessing the tragedy of loss and death. Even if COVID didn’t directly affect you, there can be loneliness or sadness because of a lack of freedom the virus has caused. 😣

When the nation was first shut down, my sons went with their father on the opposite side of Massachusetts. Their father had more room for them to spread out and not be on top of each other for what we thought would be a short period of time. They ended up staying for a few months and I was alone. No one was going out, I couldn’t visit my family or friends. It was very depressing. 😔

The thing about sadness is that it is a totally normal emotion that we just want to get rid of rather than continue to feel the pain of the cause. My last break up was so hurtful and I just wanted to be angry and hate him. But I knew I would never get over it unless I sat with that uncomfortable sadness. Until I learned to breathe through it and understand the lesson I learned from the situation, I was not able to let go. ❤️‍🩹

How do you feel about sitting with your sadness? A “NO WAY!” or “It helps me to get over that sucky feeling”? What have you found is most helpful when dealing with the emotion of sadness?

Sadness - 5 reasons why it is a valid emotion


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