Moody Story Time: Inventor Ninja by Mary Nhin

This week’s Moody Story Time is another Ninja story from the Ninja Life Hacks set - Inventor Ninja 🥷🧪

Inventor Ninja has no problem coming up with ideas to help his friends, but one day his idea bulb went out! He and his friends tried really hard to come up with ways to help him turn back that bulb. They tried wrapping his head in tissue - maybe to keep the ideas inside? Or maybe some chicken soup will do the trick. But nothing seems to be helping 😣

Then Kind Ninja comes over with another idea - let’s just have some fun! Guess what happened after playing for a few hours? You guessed it 💡 Friendship is one of the most important parts of life - when you have friends who care, they will rally around you until things get better.

📖 by Mary Nhin

🖍️ by Jelena Stupar

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Inventor Ninja